what is lead forward?

LEAD FORWARD is a method of leadership development based on a form of feedback usually referred to as feedforward. As the name implies, feedforward focuses on looking forwards rather than on feedback of past behaviours, as is often the case with traditional feedback.
LEAD FORWARD is based on a structured feedback analysis that gives managers and leaders a clear and current snapshot  of how employees perceive their leadership style.
The results from this analysis are compiled in a LEAD FORWARD feedback report. With the help of additional LEAD FORWARD instructional material managers can get structured help to analyse the feedback report in order to identify priority development areas and create a concise and actionable activity plan.

the leadership model behind lead forward

The leadership model that LEAD FORWARD is built on is called the Full Range Leadership Model - a leadership theory that has received overwhelming support from the academic community. The Full Range Leadership Model is described in more detail in ‘A Little Book on Leadership’.
The Full Range Leadership Model describes a wide range of leadership behaviours and addresses both constructive and non-constructive leadership styles. LEAD FORWARD, however, focuses exclusively on effective leadership and the behaviours associated with achieving effective leadership.

The LEAD FORWARD method identifies three categories of leadership behaviour:

  1. Management by exception refers to behaviours that focus on dealing with deviations from desirable behaviours, achievements and results.
  2. Contingent reward leadership refers to the behaviours that aim to clarify for employees what is expected of them as well as what they can expect in return.
  3. Transformational leadership refers to behaviours aimed at developing employees and working groups and creating the right conditions for increased motivation and well-being. It includes acting as a good role model, linking daily activities to meaningful goals and visions and proactively stimulating innovation. It encourages leaders to dare to challenge the existing way of doing things, to really get to know and coach their employees and to generally be positive and supportive.

sample report lead forward

The LEAD FORWARD feedback report summarises responses from employees and makes it clear the areas they think a manager or leader should focus on when developing their leadership style.

who is lead forward for?

LEAD FORWARD is intended for organisational consultants, coaches, psychologists and anyone else who helps managers and leaders develop their leadership skills.
LEAD FORWARD is also suitable as a framework for supervising and coaching conversations as well as for use as a support in leadership training.